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Free Funding Information Network

To find the Foundation Center’s free Funding Information Network (formerly called Cooperating Collections) where you can use their free Foundation Directory Online Professional database, follow these steps…

1) Go to

2) Enter the zip code where you are located.

3) Click on the name of the Funding Information Network closest to you. Note the address, phone #, hours (subject to change).

4) Call the phone # listed for the name you selected. Confirm hours. Set up an appointment to use the Foundation Directory Online Professional database. Allow for 90 minutes to 2 hours for your initial research.

5) Take your keyword worksheet(s) from Secret 15 with you to your appointment. Ask for help in using the Foundation Directory Online Professional database to research funders for your ideas/projects.

This is a left-brained approach to finding funders.

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Question: I went onto the website. It’s very confusing. I tried to find listing of granters within my state, county and city. In order to do that, the Foundation Center wants me pay to join to get access to the information. Am I in the wrong section on the website?

Answer: Secret 15 says to go to and search for the Cooperating Collections nearest you. For example, for students in Las Vegas, NV, the closest Cooperating Collections is at the Clark County Library, run by Shelly Weiner. Call and set up an appointment with Shelly or whomever runs the one nearest you. Ask for a tour and to be shown how to use the Foundation Directory Online Professional for free. That should save you time and money in identifying grant-makers in your state, county and city … as well as nationally. Complete the keyword worksheet in Secret 15 and take it with you to your appointment. It will help you narrow down your research.

NOTE: After receiving the answer to her question, this student replied and said, “Met with Shelly on Thursday. It was fruitful indeed. Got 4 possible leads for grants.