Get Paid to Write Grants

Questions: If I write successful grants for charities, is it reasonable to get paid for this? How do I get paid and what is a reasonable fee?

Answer: Yes, it is reasonable to get paid. Some people volunteer for one or more grant proposals to gain experience. However, most charge something, even if it is a small amount. Some people have charged the cost of the course to recoup their money. Others have charged minimum wage, or as much as $15/hour to start out. Others have charged a set amount, like $450 ($15 x 30 hours). I was paid $20/hour for a total of $1,250 (62.5 hours) to write my first grant. Although I didn’t have any experience writing grants, I had a great deal of content-specific experience (i.e., I was an expert and had a Master’s degree in the focus area of the grant… teaching English as a Second Language).

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