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Name: Phil Johncock, The Grant Professor, GPC, BA, BMs, MA, MMs, CWF
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Did You Know That More Than $678 BILLION In Grant Funding Is Available Each Year?

We Can Show You How To Get Your Share!

Grant-Eligible Agencies: That's more than $678 Billion in grants annually given by public and private funders like foundations, corporations and government agencies to over 1.27 Million "grant-eligible" U.S. businesses like...

  • U.S. Nonprofits: 1,036,255 public charities (source: National Center for Charitable Statistics)
  • U.S. Schools: 98,817 public schools, 33,366 private schools, 7,021 colleges/universities (source: U.S. Department of Education)
  • U.S. Local Government Agencies: 89,004 (source: U.S. Census)
  • U.S. Hospitals: 5,686 (source: American Hospital Association)

grant-eligibleIf You Are An Administrator, Staff Person, Board Member, Or Volunteer For One Of These Grant-Eligible Agencies, Allow Us To Help You Get The Funding You Need!

We Can Quickly Give You Top Tools To...

Short-Cut The Time It Takes: There are two primary ways to learn to write winning grants. The hard and time-consuming way is to do it yourself. It will likely take you several years to get the results you want. OR, the easy and fastest way by allowing us to help you build the skills to get the funding you need more quickly!

Build Your Skills: From understanding the four funder types -- government, foundations, corporations and individuals -- to knowing where to find private and public funders who give in your geographic area to having the right questions to ask funder officials when you speak to them to customizing a proposal to funder specifications, the Grant Writing Basics system and info on this page gives you everything you need to...

Build Your Skills Instantly! There's No Waiting!

"I wanted to have a skill that I could provide to my current employer, and this (online course) was the perfect medium for me to learn this skill."

Gretchen Kuchta, Las Vegas, NV

Achieve Amazing Results From A Proven System: Grant Writing Basics is the longest-running course on the Internet on "how to write a grant" with an amazing track record (over $1.2 Billion in only two-and-a-half years of testing)! Here is something else truly amazing ... Grant Writing Basics doesn't just include what works for one person (me) like most grant writing seminars do. I got a grant to research 80 grant experts around writing winning grant proposals. Right here, you have access to this proven system based on my grant-funded research!

Our Proven System Is The Closest To A Guarantee That Your Proposals Will Get Funded

Learn Best-Kept Secrets from 80 Experts: Please take a few minutes to look over this page. I'm excited to introduce you to best-kept secrets from 80 experts that I wish I had known when I was starting out. One secret told to me by a funding official completely changed how I approach grant writing. It virtually guarantees success in being approved. How can I be so bold? The funder official told me so. Moreover, I have a 100% success rate since I learned this secret. My colleague Carolyn has a 100% success rate. And, my students' success rates are off the charts! Once you discover it, you, too, will be well on your way to grant mega-success! Read on...

Introducing Grant Writing Basics... The Remarkably Successful Online Course!


Here's What You'll Get...

You'll Save Your Valuable Money & Time: No Travel Required! Learn At Your Own Pace!

No more taking precious time out of your busy schedule to travel to learn. No more travel expenses to fly across country to learn from the best. No more needing to take time away from work and family. This online course comes to YOU! Take as little or as much time as YOU need to learn the basics, according to YOUR schedule. The BEST come to you.

"The very best part of Grant Writing Basics is the ability to listen (and re-listen) at my pace, on my schedule."

Beverly Stanley, Brandon, FL

Take this popular, nationally-recognized Grant Writing Basics course online, at your own pace, in the privacy of your own home or office. You can move as quickly as you like through the course when you have the free time.

"What I liked most was the ability to take the course at my convenience. To someone considering taking this course, I would say, 'Do it!'"        Laura Yarus, King George, VA

"What I like most is the convenience of working from home at your own pace. This is especially important to me because I have a toddler at home that keeps me busy along with my 13 year old."

Monica Dodd-Gray

"I enjoyed using the course content to guide me in a real exploration of potential funding for a personal dream. It kept me moving my idea forward. If not for the course, I most likely would have shelved it. The greatest benefits were working at my own pace on my own schedule, which are paramount in my busy life. I stalled out completely during my daughter's basketball finals and picked up on it again when things settled down."

Paula Watt, Product Development Professional, Ashtabula, OH

You'll Increase Your Knowledge: The Grant Writing Process Is Simplified Into 4 Simple Steps!

When I researched 80 grant experts, I discovered that they follow a similar grant writing process and sequence of steps. We call this the "Idea Match" model.

Basically, here is how the Idea Match model works...

  1. First, you get clear on what you want (i.e., your idea).
  2. Second, based on a clear idea of what you want, you research funders whose funding priority matches your idea. No sense in wasting time researching funders when there isn't a good match for you and them!
  3. Third, once you find a good match, you customize your proposal to the funder specifications.
  4. Fourth, you reply proactively to the decision, whether or not you are funded.

Grant Writing Basics walks you step-by-step through the Idea Match model.

"I liked the different observations of grant writing experts. Learning this information truly helped me to begin thinking about writing a grant. I have no experience and knowledge of grant writing and receiving this information was a great start for me."

Stephanie, North Las Vegas, NV

You'll Short-Cut Your Learning Curve: Learn the Most Widely-Used Grant Writing Format in the World!

There are over 100,000 grant-makers (private and public) in the U.S. Over the years, experts have discovered that most funders want to see similar elements in proposals: 1) summary, 2) agency introduction, 3) need/problem statement, 4) outcomes/objectives, 5) project methods or design, 6) project evaluation in reaching outcomes/goals, 7) future funding after the grant is gone, and 8) budget. Interestingly, the Federal government also recommends these as the eight basic components to creating solid federal grant proposals (source: Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance at Grant Writing Basics includes a 49-page text that explains these 8 sections that most funders want see. It includes a list of 25 study questions that focus your attention on the most important elements of the text/format. You will have a chance to critique 2 sample proposals and rate the proposals using our custom-made Evaluation Form of the 8 key proposal elements you are learning. All of this is designed to help you be comfortable with the format before you ever write a word. You gain confidence!

"I liked everything! It's well laid out. It's not just for beginners only. Anyone will benefit from all the practical information. I also like it being in bites. I'm not overloaded with information."

Beatrice Smith, Elgin, IL

You'll Triple Your Chances Of Being Funded: Write a Mock Proposal & Participate In Peer Reviews

When I researched 80 grant experts, I discovered that some recommend a Peer Review process prior to submitting a proposal to a funder. They say that Peer Reviews triple their chances of being funded. Grant Writing Basics includes tips for you to create your own Peer Review team similar to the one funders might use to pass judgment on whether you are funded or not. You will have a chance to participate in a Peer Review process and get valuable feedback you can use to edit your proposal draft and improve the final score your proposal will ultimately receive.

"Grant Writing Basics is a great help if you are just starting out or if you have written grants before. Evaluating other students' mock proposals is a very good method of seeing examples of what to do and what not to doI didn't think about having friends and family also reviewing the draft proposal. I do better on a project when I am not rushed at the end."

Kristine Weeks, North Las Vegas, NV

You will learn how to conduct a pre-proposal contact with a funder to discover the scoring system they use. You will receive a list of questions to ask. You will receive worksheets and resources to help you create your own Peer Review team as well as 5 steps of your own Peer Review process.

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It Doesn't Matter If You've Never Written A Grant Before...

Or, even if you've written a few. Most expert grant writers tell me that they wish they had training like this when they were thrown into grant writing with no training. You'll find tremendous value in what you learn or your money back!

"It's worth the money. What I liked most was making grant writing seem accessible and not mysterious. I like the way the information is broken down in small bits, so each idea has some time to be absorbed and processed."

Karla Nolan, Las Vegas, NV

Moreover, you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to pay for this course. We've kept the cost low for the past 2 decades! Check out other course prices. One competitor recently raised prices for a 5-day course to $895. Grant Writing Basics gives you more than twice the content at almost one-third the price of that or any comparable course.

How can I keep the price so low? One reason: I got a grant to develop the core material for this course. Can you believe that? I did! Now, I can pass on the savings to you.

In Summary, Register Today & You Will Receive Grant Writing Basics In 2 PARTS...


In Part 1, all you have to do is simply listen to audios and stories of top tips (Secrets) from the experts. In Part 2, you apply what you learned in Part 1 and receive the most widely-used grant writing format in the world. You simply read, critique sample proposals, write a mock proposal, and participate in a Peer Review process unlike any other! Our videos are designed for you to get the most out of Part 1 and Part 2. Here are more details about each part...

PART 1 - Listen & Learn From 80 Grant Writing Experts to Be More Successful!

Audios - You will receive audio secrets, one per day for 30 consecutive days in Part 1 of the course. These audio secrets guide you through the 4-step process of grant writing with real-life scenarios, stories and plenty of examples. You will discover what works for 80 experts in grant writing. They've written successful grants before and gotten hundreds of millions of dollars for their agencies. You'll learn the proven techniques they use that you can start implementing today in order to get grant funding for your agency! These secrets show you how to attract funders (by being original, timely, compelling, etc.), approach funders strategically, create a timeline for success, use world-class writing tips, dress up your proposal, and much more!

"I am brand spanking new to the whole notion of grant writing, and not a little intimidated and overwhelmed. Your Secrets in audio clip format are helping ease my anxiety and beginning to build up my confidence."

Beverly Stanley, Brandon, FL

Videos - You will receive 3 videos designed to help you get started, get the most out of Part 1 and Part 2 of the course, and get the most out of your investment. You will receive an Orientation Video instantly when you register. You will receive an Overview Video 2 that explains Part 2 of the course and an Overview Video 3 before your Peer Review process begins.

PART 2 - Apply & Practice With Peers to Triple Your Chances of Being Funded

Text: Most Widely-Used Grant Writing Format In the World - For Part 2 of the course, you will receive a 49-page text -- one of the best books in the industry -- that we have purchased just for you. You get exclusive targeted study questions that guide you through the text as you apply key concepts to your own unique ideas for funding. You read examples and getting tips from the booklet we mail to you.

"The biggest benefit I got out of this class is the grant format. The format was extremely helpful and easy to follow. One thing that surprised me was how much easier writing a grant is when you utilize this format."

Peter McCoy, Las Vegas, NV

Sample Proposals - Unlike most "lecture-based" classes, the Grant Writing Basics online course allows you to apply what you read about the top grant writing format by critiquing 2 sample proposals. You have the opportunity to score the proposals using our exclusive rating scale much like an actual grant reviewer will use. In fact, you will learn who typical reviewers are, what they look for, and how most proposals are actually reviewed.

Peer Review Of Your Mock Proposal - Unlike other courses, you also have the opportunity to participate in a Peer Review Panel to have your own proposal critiqued by other reviewers who will give you valuable feedback that you can use right away to improve your grant score.

"Thanks for your input and the great course."

Terry Cook, SAFD, Inc, Coeur d’ Alene, ID

Ask Your Questions - You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions as you progress. Your questions are answered in a timely manner to allow you to continue on your learning path without delay. When you get stuck, simply submit a ticket with your question and get a prompt reply. 

"This is by far one of the best online courses I have ever taken. I only wish I would have had this valuable information sooner."

L-Ikera Retzloff, Clark County Law Foundation

Order Today For Instant Access!

Order Today & I'll Be Giving You Our Popular 30-Day Fast Track System...


Once you’re on board, sit back, get comfortable. For 30 consecutive days, watch your inbox for one audio secret per day. Your job is to click on the link in the email, listen and learn! Just relax and enjoy the ride. In less than 15 minutes a day, I’ll uncover secrets FOR you that give me a 94% success rate and my students phenomenal results.

The 30-Day Fast Track System Breaks Down Grant Writing Into 4 Simple Steps...

Step 1: Develop Your Idea

83% of top grant writers we studied agree … get clear on what you want, first. In Step 1 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 4-13), you’ll discover how to develop your idea for funding into a fundable plan including…

  • Dream Big
  • Tap Into Your Passion
  • 2 Ways to Be Original & Attract Funders
  • Timely Ideas that Attract Funders
  • 3 Ways to Solve Problems & Attract Funders
  • 3 Aspects of Compelling Ideas that Attract Funders
  • 21 Strategies for a Killer Sustainability Plan
  • Have Your 15-Second Elevator Pitch Ready
  • Assess The Needs Of Community First
  • 8 Basic Sections of a Winning Proposal

Step 2: Research Funders

Once you get clear on your idea for funding, Step 2 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 14-22) is to find funders whose ideas match yours. You will learn best ways to find funders whose ideas match yours, as well as the 4 funder types (i.e., corporations, foundations, government agencies, and individual donors), and the best way to contact funders. You will learn how to…

  • Lower Your Risk of Failure In Getting a Grant
  • Find the Perfect Keywords for Your Search
  • Approach Corporations Strategically
  • Approach Foundations Strategically
  • Approach Government Agencies Strategically
  • Approach Individual Donors Strategically
  • Use Linear & Nonlinear Approaches To Funding
  • Triple Your Chances with Pre-Proposal Contacts
  • Save Time By Scanning Application Forms And Guidelines

Step 3: Customize Your Proposal

Once you know what you want and have identified funders interested in funding you, 100% of the top grant writing experts ALL agree that you must customize your proposal to funder specifications if you want to be successful.

Step 3 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 23-28) shows you how to customize your proposal based on funder guidelines including ways to make your proposal stand out. You will learn how to...

  • Create A Timeline for Success
  • Adopt The Right Winning Attitude
  • Assemble Support Data
  • Use World-Class Writing Tips
  • Dress Up Your Proposal
  • Triple Your Chances with Mock Reviews

Then, you submit your proposal! Done! Right! NO! Most people stop here. But, you won’t!

Step 4: Respond to the Funder’s Decision

In Step 4 of the Grant Writing Process (audio Secrets 29-30), you’ll learn how to reframe a rejection into a success, as well as the most important lesson of all (and it comes from my mom!). Topics in this section include…

  • Celebrate or Transform Your Failure Into Success
  • If My Mom Can Do It, So Can You

"I highly recommend it. It was easy to follow and paced in a way that wasn't overwhelming. I was very impressed with the Fast Track. It is a perfect way to introduce someone who has no grant writing experience like myself to the world of project funding."

Ronald Harris II, North Las Vegas, NV

Plus, You'll Receive 4 Free Bonuses Today...

Bonus 1 - Dream-Making to Billions – This is a digital video with PowerPoint slides of the original “live” presentation by Mark Victor Hansen, Co-Creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul Series and Phil Johncock, The Grant Professor.

Bonus 2 - How to Get Corporate Sponsors – This is a digital audio interview with Brendon Burchard by Armand Morin.

Bonus 3 - How to Find Grants Online – This is a special eBook created by one of Phil’s students: Sharon Anne Bumala.

Bonus 4 - Developing Quality Grant Proposals – This is a PowerPoint presentation by David J. Downey from the U.S. Department of Education that includes an excellent Sample Quality Grant Proposal.

Is It Worth The Cost?
Here Are More Students Testimonials…

"Thank you very much for teaching such an informative (and easy to take) online class."

Wendy Mason, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

"It is worth every penny. Excellent course."

Teresa Pelham, South Carolina

"I appreciated the amount of real information versus theoretical that was provided … also, the flexibility of the online format. I gained the confidence and knowledge that I could write a grant if needed."

Suann Lester, Las Vegas, NV

"What I liked most is how to use the Law of Surplus. This had not occurred to me before. One important thing I learned is the tips on how to get government grants. What surprised me was that even someone with no experience (like your mom) can have success."

Armando Moncada, Glendale, CA

"I really liked the easy to follow and concise lessons. I was given a lot of great information in a short amount of time. The writing tips were extremely helpful. The lesson on Pre-Proposal Contacts was really helpful; it will definitely be a time-saving technique down the road."

Benjamin Holland, Reno, NV

"For someone considering taking the course, I say, 'Go for it. It is worth the cost.'"

Munazza Abbas, Las Vegas, NV

"I am a new grant writer. I am currently writing a grant for a youth program. The secrets you provided has help me write this grant in the correct format. I also have searched and have spent hours searching foundations and if I had used the keywords it would have cut down on some of the time I spent searching. What surprised me were the additional skills I've gotten.

Sharon Hughes-Foltin, Matteson, IL

"The secrets are concise, coherent and informative. What surprised me was the simplicity of the lessons. I learned to dream BIG."

Marvina, Las Vegas, NV

"Unlike many educational programs, this program secrets seem to apply to realistic situations. I liked how the different funders were described. Some important things I learned were how to find out more about funders, the review process, and how to approach them."

Jenifer Chang, Las Vegas, NV

"The workload was just right ... relevant, but not overwhelming. It didn't take a whole semester."


"What I liked most is that you (Phil) gave us the benefit of your experiences. I've already recommended two people to take the course. It is a good introduction because you distill your experience for the beginner. It has really changed my thinking. I was just thinking about money, but now my ideas are much bigger. I like the non-linear approach to funding. I'm an idea person first and secret 20 gives me a path to follow to turn an idea into a reality."

Susan Kolar, Las Vegas, NV

"What surprised me most was how clueless I was. What I like most were the tips, organization and scanning of forms and guidelines, finding who will review your application, and the value of submitting an early application. I specifically liked all the detailed from the secret 27 on how to dress up your proposal."

Zari Alipour, Los Angeles, CA

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"The E.L. Cord Foundation gave us $25,000 from my final assignment in your class. This past Spring, I took your Grant Writing Basics online class. It has been absolutely invaluable to me. So far, I have heard from 2 grantors that I recently submitted proposals to. Both were funded! Thank You!!!!"

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